Forest Sea

Forest Sea summary:

After a long war, the Avian Race and the Serpent Race finally signed a peace treaty. Both races agreed to promote peace and coexistence and, as the first step, a new joint training center was established. Sa Hwa-hyeon, a long-time general of the Avian Race who made a significant contribution during the war, was going to start a new life as an instructor there. While cadets felt great respect towards their instructor, they also distanced themselves from Sa Hwa-hyeon, who treated them with a calm but strict demeanor. Among them, there was Yahyul, a cadet from the Serpent Race, who didn’t particularly stand out, but whose gaze followed Hwa-hyeon everywhere. Their first meeting was a pure coincidence, but the two people started gradually becoming closer after a number of small encounters. A light warm breeze that started to warf between them one day grew stronger as the instructor and the cadet were gradually getting closer to each other to become more than just two friends walking alongside one another…


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