Hoshi Tsukai Selena
  • Alternative Name:Hoshi Tsukai Serena ; Selena the Star Druidas ; 星使いセレナ ; 星座使賽蕾娜
  • Authors:Len[A-7]
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Genres:ComedyFantasySeinenSlice of life
  • Updated At:Sep 19, 2023 04:56
  • Views:41,500
  • Rating:
    5/5out of19total votes.

Hoshi Tsukai Selena summary:

In order to gather the Stellar Beasts which hold the power of the stars, a young Star Druidas named Selena embarks on a journey to mysterious worlds through Door-kun. The great adventure to return everyone in town and her family begins! A classical fantasy by the well-renowned official illustrator of Hatsune Miku and the like, LEN!


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