Transcension Academy
  • Alternative Name:초월자 학원의 수강생이 되었다 ; Я стал студентом Трансцендентальной Академии ; I Became a Student at the Transcension Academy ; I Became a Student at Transcendental Academy
  • Authors:Eojjeoda (어쩌다)Kkyujanneu (뀨잔느)
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Genres:ActionAdventureFantasySupernaturalManhwa
  • Updated At:Sep 19, 2023 04:54
  • Views:9,357,400
  • Rating:
    5/5out of789total votes.

Transcension Academy summary:

SeoJoon, who had been working to save in order to pay off his dead parents’ debt and to attend a hunter academy, ended up needing to spend all his savings for surgery due to an unfortunate accident. In his moment of despair, a weird ad played. [You can also become an awakener!] He decided to register since he had nothing else to lose. [Mr. Kim SeoJoon, welcome to Transcension Academy.] This hunter academy is on a different ‘dimension’ than other hunter academies! In the age of private hunter education, you can also become a ‘transcended’!

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